hackpoly ‘14 is the first Hackathon to ever come to Cal Poly Pomona. Organized by major technical clubs on campus, spanning 4 colleges and 9 majors within the University, hackpoly '14 is set to be the event of the year, for ingenuity, technical skills, and creativity. 

hackpoly ‘14 is a 24 hour hackathon with focus on both software and hardware integration. Structured teams of 6 will aim to create a unique and usable product. There is no restriction on the type of software or hardware being used but we do ask that all participants adhere to hackathon rules.

Find our tentative schedule, location, and other information at Hackpoly.com!


  • Preferably students attending Cal Poly Pomona
  • Teams of 1-6


Submission requirements to be given at the venue.

Hackathon Sponsors


$225 in prizes

First Place

Dinner with Regional IEEE Foothill section,
2 Falcon 9 and Dragon Model Rockets,
2 SpaceX Hoodies,
SpaceX Bottle,
SpaceX Hat,
Bragging Rights

Second Place

6 SpaceX Wallets,
Bragging Rights

Third Place

5 SpaceX Luggange Tags,
1 SpaceX Falcon 9 Patch,
Bragging Rights

Food2Fork API First Place

1 Year of Food2Fork API Pro Level. Those who would like to qualify for this prize must use the Food2Fork API.

Food2Fork API Runner Up (2)

6 Months of Food2Fork API Basic Level. Up to two runner up teams. Those who would like to qualify for this prize must use the Food2Fork API.

Most Technically Impressive (Advanced)

3 SpaceX Wallets, 3 SpaceX Falcon 9 Patches,
Bragging Rights

Most Technically Impressive (Beginner)

3 SpaceX Wallets, 3 SpaceX Falcon 9 Patches,
Bragging Rights

Best Usage of Hardware

3 SpaceX Flashdrives, 3 IP Cameras,
Bragging Rights

Best UI/UX

Viva Pinata Party Animals for the XBOX 360,
12 Sony Sticker Packs, App Featured as Recommended/Promoted Download at facebook.com.hackpoly,
Bragging Rights

Best Game

Halo 4 for XBOX 360, 5 XBOX LIVE Gold Memberships ,
Bragging Rights

Best Usage of public APIs

3 Sony Keychains, 3 sony sunglasses, 6 Earbuds,
Bragging Rights

Fan Favorite

Kinect SPORTS Season Two for XBOX 360, 6 IP Cameras,
Bragging Rights

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


James Phillips

James Phillips
Senior Software Engineer / SpaceX

Dan Bejmuk

Dan Bejmuk
Founder / DreamBox Creations, Inc.

Phyllis Nelson

Phyllis Nelson
Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering / Cal Poly Pomona

Chen Li
Founder / SRCH2

Zekeriya Aliyazicioglu

Zekeriya Aliyazicioglu
Professor / Cal Poly Pomona

Marie Talnack

Marie Talnack
Office of Research Director / Cal Poly Pomona

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    Would the application have real social impact? Can it change the world, or at least help someone in the community?
  • Innovation
    Is the solution novel? Does it solve a problem in a creative or never-seen-before way?
  • Technical Achievement
    Did the participant(s) solve a hard technical problem? Did they get a working demo completed within the allotted time?
  • Presentation
    Did the participant(s) sell the product well? Was the idea clearly defined and the pitch convincing?
  • Best UI/UX
    How does the product interact with the user? Is it beautiful to use and easy on the eyes?
  • Best Usage of public APIs
    Does this product take advantage of a public API? Is it uniquely applied?
  • Best Usage of Hardware
    Was the hardware implemented impressive? Is it a novel application of hardware to solve a unique problem?
  • Best Game
    Did they make an interesting and intriguing game that has a high replay value?
  • Most Technically Impressive (Beginner)
  • Most Technically Impressive (Advanced)

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